4. The Polished Traveler

The tide for airport attire has shifted immensely over the years. Around the 1970’s, a large number of people realized that the cultural consensus of dressing up in the airport did not have to apply to them. As natural shifts go, when some made this decision for themselves, others began to play their part in prioritizing comfort over style. The difference in travelers with one preference over the other became quite stark. Yet with the expectations lessening for the polished traveler, the lines have blurred.

Your choices don’t have to cause a compromise on feeling good about yourself. Comfort can still mean class. Look good, feel good still stands true! Being better dressed in the airport can also give you an edge. As we all know, flights are notorious for overbooking. Though you don’t have to stress in the hands of your advisor, business trips/quick trips can see this dilemma. If you come across as a respected traveler, you may have the advantage to snagging that last seat and making it to your destination as planned. Why take chances on hours or day delays? Dress to impress!

TSA agents aren’t the only professionals that appreciate our cooperation and consideration during our travels. Flight attendants may even require more patience and consideration being in close quarters with hundreds of people, for hours on end, serving each flyer, and representing their airline. I once came across an article way back when on this very topic and it mentioned an attendant complimenting a flyer on an article of clothing followed with, "Thank you for dressing up. It means a lot to us flight attendants, and no one does that anymore." Overall, it shows respect for other fliers sitting next to, around you and the professionals of the establishment and airlines. 

Dressing well is still noticed when you land. Not just at 30,000 feet. Locals of where you’re going will see you and see that you bring cheerfulness as well as seriousness to seeing, exploring and enjoying their corner of the world. Travelers are ambassadors of where they’re from to other cities/countries.

Our tips:

  • NO bare feet. Shoes that slip on and off easily (sneakers/boots) for comfort and a smooth process during security. We fear bare feet through security – ah!
  • If you’re wearing leggings as pants, solid darker colors pass better as pants. As well as no logos! 
  • Layers. From socks on the bottom of your feet to sweaters around your shoulders. Your layer can be a blazer, a long sweater (we love the Lunya long cardigan. See HERE.)
  • A scarf can add sophistication to your bag, your neck or your hair. (see our Bembien picks HERE.)
  • Keep a hairbrush, mints, makeup wipes/oil pads, lip masque/gloss in your carry-on in a small vanity case.
  • Minimal jewelry. Let being put together be what draws the attention. Wearing flashy jewelry can draw unwanted attention.

Stay polished! 

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