5. Anne & Ragan's Picks

It would be really fun to be a recognized travel advisor in the luxury market. Agreed? It would be Really Fun to do that while also being fashionable day in and day out. Being a travel agent and keeping it all together, That would be the dream. 

While we are all still working on being the best at what we do, there is so much to learn from Anne Liles and Ragan Stone not just behind their computers but inside their retail space. They have selected fabulous retail products that fit their travel clientele, relaying their vision through their space of the kind of travel they sell every day. Let’s break down their “picks”.

Beginning with…Anne's picks:

First on the list, 

  • AirFly Pro -
  • Calling all wireless headphone users! Truly the product you didn’t know you needed, fit for all ages and a great gift for an avid traveler that more than likely, hasn’t heard of such a device. This gadget that fits into the palm of your hand, plugs into the tv in front of you on the plane and bluetooths to your wireless headphones. No more hassle when getting up to go to the restroom, or worse, scrambling to let your neighbor out into the aisle. Fewer cords, fewer problems!

  • Phoozy Phone Case -
  •  We were so excited to stumble across this product. The Phoozy phone case relieves one of the few stresses that a vacation can bring. Knowing that our phone’s lives max out around 3 years, we must protect them to last as long as possible before the iPhone100 drops. Using a Phoozy will protect your phone from overheating in the sun/freezing in the cold. Your phone can finally stand a chance against temperatures! 

  • Bembien Margot Bag -
  • If you’ve shopped with us, you know we can barely resist a good looking beach bag. Bembien’s Margot Bag is a must, and our shoppers would agree with that. A rattan and leather tote that is much more durable than it seems. A stylish work bag for the warmer months or the beach bag that will turn heads. That is guaranteed! Available in Caramel or Black.

  • Sarah Bray Clematis Bucket Hat -
  • Aside from our popular Lorna Murray beach hats, Sarah Bray has their own fun feature going for them. You can select any color ribbon or from their collection of patterned ribbons/scarves to interchange in your hat to mix and match with all of your bathing suits. No more “but it won’t match my beachwear!”. The Clematis Bucket Hat in particular is the chicest bucket hat on the market. Make your hat your own in store from Sarah Bray!

  • RAINS Backpack Mini -
  • One of the newer brands in store is the famous RAINS line. This 100% waterproof brand has outdone themselves with their selection of travel goodies in functionality, style, comfort, and convenience. The backpack mini is growing in popularity daily to free your hands during your travels instead of lugging more bags around. Featuring an internal pocket for your laptop, a main compartment and an external pocket to conceal your phone. Great for men and women, backpacks are no longer just needed for textbooks!


    Onto…Ragan's picks:

    Starting with…

  • Take Monday Paris
  • Take Monday has been with us since the beginning. These vanity cases vary in size, can have one compartment, or two and stand out in bright or neutral colors. These have become popular not just for travel but for everyday life. No more scrambling in your bags for your lip masques, tweezers, lotions, etc. Keep everything together in your see through case that is easy to clean, easy to spot and perfect to pack!

  • Paravel Aviator Carry-On Plus
  • Being the only retailer in the state for Paravel, we could not be more honored to carry this brand in store. The carry-on plus comes in the perfect size and color options to elevate your traveling. Every suitcase comes with a compression board to maximize space, an extra bag for laundry, wet bathing suits, shoes, a great swivel to easily maneuver, and weighs nothing. Now same as parents, we don’t have favorites, but this carry-on is hard to beat!

  • Epos Milano Sunglasses
  • Many people know of our Epos Milano sunglasses story. Finding these Italian beauties on Lake Como, Anne and Ragan didn’t just bring a pair home, they brought a relationship home with the owner to sell them here in Birmingham, Alabama. 100% UV protected and in different colors and styles, they definitely elevate our space and beautifully translate Italian fashion here in our neck of the woods.

  • Lindsay Albanese Laptop Clutch
  • A reimagination of a laptop case, Lindsay Albanese’s laptop clutch. Meeting time! Are you grabbing your laptop, pen, papers, folders, phone, blah blah blah? Be prepared for traveling and on the go meetings with your laptop clutch to be prepared and stylish walking in to amaze and impress your boss and/or clients. 

    Keeping tabs on what Anne and Ragan have their eyes on is really not a bad idea. Shop all of these products and More in store and online! 

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