6. Hosted by The Travel Studio

The perks don’t end with the personal assistance from working with one of our advisors. What else can a travel focused store offer?! We are glad you asked. Another bonus to being a client of one of our talented travel advisors is an invitation to the events hosted in our space. Relationships within the travel industry are growing and standing firm. For example, back in January 2023, our friends at Hotel Esencia reached out about visiting us here. We were fortunate to spend several days with two people that no doubt keep Hotel Esencia running as smoothly as it does. 

Not only did they want to visit us and see where we are and what we are doing in the South, they wanted to connect with YOU!

Stunning florals, catering from Tre Luna, decorative tiles from Mexico, merchandise from Hotel Esencia, and the help of a lot of hands, the Esencia event was the best way to kick off 2023! Our Esencia friends were here through it all and were generous enough to publicly speak at the event to answer any questions from clients and give a quick presentation of what makes their property so special. Feeling a connection to the representatives makes a traveler more eager to visit. With their assistance, we brought Mexico to Birmingham and had the best time doing so! 

Many meals shared and time spent learning details of Hotel Esencia so that we can be best prepared to send you on the trip of your dreams!

Walk into The Travel Studio and find yourself transported to a whole new destination.

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