7. Those That Travel to Us

Believe it or not, in The Travel Studio walls, we still get to see the entire world. As cool as it would be to have a transport machine in our back conference room, as well as efficient (hello time zones), that’s not how we do this. The travel industry is a special one, the way partners will travel just for Us and ultimately for You. Whether it be for a couple of days, lunch, a quick morning meeting, or drinks next door, we are so fortunate to have our business partners also be our friends. Several times a month, we will have representatives, managers, owners, etc. reach out to come by and say hello and update us on where they are in the world. This is truly first class service! 

We’ve been updated all over from Mozambique, Madagascar and Seychelles to London, to Athens, Santorini and Mykonos, to Malta, to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Singapore, to Nashville, TN and so much more. Being countries and hours away, it is distancing to keep up solely through email.

Our days don’t always look the same. 90% of the time we are thrilled to show old and new partners where our advisors have been working and building their businesses. Other times, we love to break free from our screens for a moment to share a meal face to face with the people that know our destinations best. We are extremely grateful for the way our partners stay up to date and available to share and spread the never ending updates and news going on in their corners of the world. Although these are private meetings, don’t think for a second our advisors aren’t soaking up all of the information to share with you!

Unlike any industry, not only do we travel to see suppliers, they will travel to see us. Amongst ourselves we sure do keep airlines busy! Interested in a new destination? Or wanting updates on a recently visited favorite? Tell your advisor. They will be happy to share!

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