8. A Day in the Life

You know the saying, “if the sun’s up, I’m up!” …

We have our own saying, “If the world’s up, we’re up”. Which is all the time. Whether it’s 10:00 am for us… it’s 5:00 pm in Italy, it’s 4:00 pm in London, it’s 6:00 pm in Africa, it’s midnight in Asia, it’s 5:00 am in Hawaii, and on and on. Instead of waking up to what the day hands us, our advisors work tirelessly to guarantee your itinerary is flawless before you take off. In the case something changes and it’s 3:00am in Alabama, don’t fret, we make sure to share the immediate contacts of our partners on the ground wherever you are. They help us help you when the clock stands between us.

Now luckily, the volume of phone calls happening in our office don’t have the radiating noise like phones in the 1930’s, all ringing at once and on top of each other. But our advisors are on the phone several hours a day whether they’re in the dreaming phase with you, the arranging stage with partners or the final review before travel day.

Work days can mean morning to night in the office on Cahaba Road or in London, England (see @annelilestravel ‘s most recent trip on Instagram) at the historic Order of the Garter, the most senior Order of Chivalry in Britain with a glass of wine in hand and emails on standby. It can also mean emails here and there while actively on mom duty.

Something to love about the job is that the norm can quickly be transformed into a laptop and sip sip on a beach somewhere. With how relaxing that sounds, the perks of being in office include quick answered questions and open discussion within the industry due to having advisors work out of the workspace.

We have become frequent Continental Bakery and Starbucks visitors (choose your fighter) and when someone says yes, the rest of us fall in line. Throughout the day, we have keyboards creating their own tune and phone calls unending with fun chats in between with clients and customers that come into the store. 

A travel advisor’s life is definitely unexpected. As mentioned before, it could look 9-5 everyday at 2012 Cahaba Road or it may mean a few days here and a few days there. We’re often asked, “does your job ever really end?” The answer is no – even though it should sometimes be for ultimate relaxation, our advisors are so very thrilled to continue planning, booking and sending all of you to your preferred oasis. 

Have questions? Come by and see us, email us at shop@thetravel-studio.com or call us at (205) 201-0432. 

We can’t promise all of our advisors will always be on Alabama soil, but we are never too far and always an email away. As the world does like to remind us, we are never too far or too out of touch from one another.

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