1. Does The Travel Studio Sell Travel?

The answer is yes. The answer is also no. 

This is the #1 question we receive…and often. It may seem obvious to some, but “obvious” is relative isn’t it. If you are roaming the streets of English Village in Birmingham, AL or coming across our site when surfing the internet, you’ll see our space and not think to ask further. Surely we want to do more than sell you fabulous suitcases and sunglasses. We desire to sell to you a dream, make it your reality and get you geared up to go! So let’s get to answering everyone’s question in more detail…

Yes, we sell travel!! This is no secret, but our office space is not the incentive we’re going for to draw you to walk in the door. Our advisors sit at desks behind our retail area with their laptops, dreaming up and planning the exact travel you find in magazines and on Pinterest, as well as places that are more discrete.

Our retail is just as beloved. It’s meant to bring those destinations to you in your home and get you packed and ready to go when you can’t wait any longer!

Every member at The Travel Studio is an individual contractor that works with a host agency. These host agencies help support them to fully run and operate their individual travel businesses. This also means that each business is unique to each advisor. Disclaimer: We are NOT a travel agency. And that is something that sets us apart. When you reach out or walk in the door, you are greeted by someone who wants to know about you and exactly what you want to do and where you want to go. The perk of coming into our world here on Cahaba Road is to meet with an advisor to see if they are the right fit for you and vice versa. Because nothing gets quite as accomplished when two people are sitting down face to face to relay expectations and realistic ideas.

So why hire an advisor? Fair question. You may imagine The Travel Studio to work the way any corporate business would run. But we’re not corporate, and we are more than just a business. We sell lifestyle. You will not spend any excess money, other than a one time fee, per trip, for your advisor’s time and research to draw up a tangible itinerary. Our advisors are visited often by suppliers and partners from all over the world to build relationships and stay in touch about the ever evolving industry. The travel industry is traveling fast and it’s our job to keep up, not you.

The answer to the initial question, does The Travel Studio sell travel, is also no. The answer is no because we sell more than trips. That is one of the many (sun)hats we wear. We are passionate about more than where you are going, but also what you want/need in getting you there. We proudly carry brands such as Paravel, Lorna Murray, Bembien, RAINS, Vacation, Epos Milano, Lunya, and More to not make you have to wait to feel your destination. You can find it Here and you can find it with us! Arrive at your haven in style, organized and prepared for all of your fun activities you have planned. 

Our space is very active with our favorite finds, our like-minded and unique travel advisors, our partners kindly paying us visits, other brands “popping-up”, and YOU ALL. Believe us… There's a lot to see and discover at The Travel Studio.

If we’ve caught your attention, snag your first class ticket and follow along with us!

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