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A website is the perfect concoction of mixing brains and beauties. You take your style and your image, and you have to convey it through the language of technology to fully capture who you are and what you do. Our biggest mission for this business and the website is displaying, “Where Travel & Lifestyle Intersect”. But why do we need to write about it? Here we want to not entirely explain a website, surely you know how they work, but some of the products and features on here.

For starters, the first thing you see when you look us up, are these two incredible women. They are the Founders and Co-Owners of The Travel Studio. On the left is Anne Liles, owner & founder of Anne Liles Travel. And on the right is Ragan Stone, owner & founder of Ragan Stone Travel. Both entrepreneurs while also being full-time moms and active members in our community. We are amazed by how they balance it all and keep an eye not just on us here in Birmingham, but people, friends and partners all around the globe.

To begin, the Members dropdown is the easiest resource for you to see who are active members in The Travel Studio. Each member holds their own personal experience in travel, in the travel business and a unique flair that belongs to themselves only. After the pandemic, travel got a little crazy (remember?? we sure do). The advisor pool was rattled and agents were scattered. Because of this, several travel advisors set out on their own to create their own brand and because of Anne & Ragan’s concept, many have been able to land here which has become our own community of like-minded travel experts. Make sure to check them out!

Our contact form is the landing spot for any wandering ideas or questions you may have for our retail space or our travel advisors, or both!

If you keep scrolling down you will see a blurb about our story, or you can visit Blog 1, as well as our featured list that we are very proud of. All great platforms that have found a particular interest in what we’re doing. 

Stay tuned on our best-sellers, our NEW shopping tab, our SALE shopping tab, and all of the fun stuff in between. We aim to make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable. We accept any and all questions about gift-wrapping (see a $5 fee for this service), store pick-ups, shipments, new items, gift suggestions, even when gifting a trip! 

We are so grateful for the way our community supports our retail store. It opens us up to even more interaction with clients and customers and creativity to share with all of you! Our team is constantly brainstorming ways to bring brands from around the country and hotels from around the world for all of you to experience right here in your neighborhood. 

Keep up with us!

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